Sitemap - 2023 - Take Another Little Piece of My Heart Now

Jingle Jangle Jingle

Never Surrender

Oh well Oh well

SI AI Ai-yi-yi

Who's the Top?


Daddy and The Christmas Tree Angel

Uneasy Rests the Head

The Senate's AI

Limerick (Surrealist)

Art, and Norms, and ... Shudder

Word-Tasting, Etcetera

Wemby Versus Those Slow Thighs?

Biblical Bestiality

A Special Carol

Poor Sidney

Things Are Looking Up!

Two American Princes

Story, Schmory


For Dennis

Shine On II

Shine on

Taylor and the Tight End

Nobody Asked Me

A Few Choice

Getting Gritty with AI (?)

Georgia in a New Light, Please

Jokes Told in Movies


Mitch Is Not a Glitch

The Booking

How to Catch a Bear

To Tweet or . . . what?

Golden Oldies!

Number 6? It's Me

What If He Goes on the Lam?

Hollywood With Lynch

The Alphabet at Risk!

We are too soon old

Microbes and Spewing

Trump? Fake? So?

Hurting Words

Political Hair

DeSantis in Bronze

Take the Dung Ball

Lines Opposed . . .

Progozhin and Hot Dogs

The Rest of the Story

Where's Putin?

You, You

Juneteenth, Othello, Pauline

Is This Why He Withheld?

Two Florida Men

What Bees Do With Their Feet

Lions; Aging; A Schizophrenic Kitten

BZZZT's for a Hollywood Lion

The supernatural

Memorial Day, Plus One

Paper and Little Bullets

When W. Was Whoever Was Number 2

Whatever Happened to Humility Perkins?

My Own Tech Innovation

My Hero

Could've Been Anybody

Tucker Pantses Himself

The C-Word Isn't a We-word

So You Say You're Him

Money, Not Showing Up, and BAROOM!

Things That Happen


The Justice and the Unjust Alike


There Once Was a Fellow

Among the Trumps

Baseball Up, Trump Down

Among School Children


Bots Before Bots

Friedman's Got the Bot

What's Up, Dog?

Lovely Movie

Boats, Suns and Trains

Oooh, Snap, Miss Princess!

When Carter Was a Cracker Part II

When Carter Was a Cracker

Dogs Know

Les Bontemps have rolled

Do You Wanna Do the Dog-do?

The War on Balloons


Let's Clear Something Up

Scrunch, Scrunch

hiccup (in various languages)

How to Read the Paper

Joke Coming!

Shall Old Opinion

Does a Bot Know Poetry?


Georgy Porgy's Truth

Ah Words!

Cold can give you a cold

House Mouse

The New Crucible


Lynch by Lynch