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I love remembering Flip Wilson. I saw him perform in person during my one year at the University of Michigan in 1969-70 in Ann Arbor (it was one of three good memories, the other two being a talk by Tom Wolfe and getting plastered at the Michigan-Ohio State football game.) And speaking of funny names, my great-uncle Thomas Marker lived and worked on Ossabaw Island, one of the Georgia Sea Islands, in the 1950s and '60s and he would copy down the names of people he'd read about in the local papers. Here are a few:

Nigel Cricket

Rickey Lionburger

Hacen Crim

Laylon Jones Slappy

Lincoln G. Weech

Mrs. Exzema Johnson

Sam Firewall

Beach Sands

Mrs. Eura Bean

Donald F. Fulk (married Elizabeth J. Poung)

C. M. Leaptrott

Clarence W. Cossiboom

John P. Shinaberry (married Sandra Knuckles)

Effie Loverix

Mamie Economy

Iris Faircloth Blitch

Percy Thunder

George Inkpen

Carolina Woog

Clory Uddyback

C. U. Ahl (judge)

Mae Oma Goof

Lounzie Hooks

Mrs. Maple Bunch

Barbara Aikenhead

Gail Fermoyle (married Douglas Stiff)

Given Wood Cleek

Wayne Bonecutter

Mark L. Hollopeter

Birdie Cornfoot

Woodrow Zerfass

Bebby Hummeny

Modine Gunch

Allen Burp Church

Bonnapart White

Rockney Stoop (bank robber)

Wilmo Weevie

Webster D. Junk (funeral director)

Belcher Wedlock

Miss Ida Pudgush

Ray Messmaker

Mr. and Mrs. Arlo Barlow

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Brilliant, Roy.

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Wondrous. I love names, even those without hyphens like Jim Bob. Feel how it rolls off your tongue. It just tastes good.

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