Our favorite line from a movie : Gina - if you loved me , you’d let me eat your brain “

I don’t believe I could watch the whole thing - I prefer reading poetry such as

A Zombie Haiku - a personal favorite ❤️ I can never forget this , simple , yet elegant- sorry I cannot recall who wrote this -

Argh- argh- argh - argh - argh

Argh- (x7)

Snow falls on cedars

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And yet he has no use for brains. Er, BRAAAINS!!

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Z=zombie. You have caught the guy (who almost escaped) dead to rights. What you wrote should become a full page ad in every print publication AND appear through some significant hacks of Faux "news"!😀

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Oh, Lordy! This is a good one! I was bagging some z’s when you posted this. Hope you’re doing the same now.

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